GSOC 2017 : PDE Improvements - Introduction & Questions

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Hi, I'm a freshman studying computer science at Purdue University, and I'm interested in working on a new PDE written in Javascript this summer.

I'm really passionate about Processing as it is what really got me into programming, and now I want to give back. Most of my programming experience is in Java and C, and I've made UIs for class and personal projects: github page. I've been programming all throughout highschool, so I feel very confident with algorithms and data structures, but I don't have much Javascript experience.

Since I plan on learning Javascript before the summer starts, are there any specific frameworks or resources that would be especially useful in this project?

And finally, are there any other projects that more people working on or bug fixes that need attention? Thanks!



  • Hello! To get started you should check out our project list:

    This is where we compile a list of issues and projects we are thinking about for GSOC. You should not let the published list limit your imagination however. New ideas for libraries, add-ons, features are always welcome. You can post thoughts here for feedback from the larger community as well (as you just did!)

  • Thanks for replying! Another quick question: if I'm going to be working on the PDE with other students, how would the project proposal work out? Would everyone submit seperate proposals on what we would each work on?

  • There is no mechanism in GSoC for "joint" or "collaborative" proposals. I would suggest that you focus on the scope of what you can accomplish individually over the summer. You are welcome to reference collaborations or other resources relevant to your proposal of course.

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