Is there a way to print and save/load files through p5?

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I am beginning a project for my guitar/drum teacher where I intend to create a program in p5 which I can put on to a website where my client can create, view, or edit simplified guitar and drum patterns. To do this properly however there are a few functions which I am not sure about. I need to be able to print out a physical copy of the pattern and I also need to be able to save and load patterns while this whole program is on a website. So would I be able to do it and would I be able to do it, and how would I go about doing it?


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    Are you familiar with the data format "JSON"? I might suggest coming up with a way of encoding the guitar patterns in JSON format. This is easy to load with loadJSON(). There is also saveJSON() but that just downloads direct to a client computer. You may need to investigate server side programming if you want to have a site with accounts and data saving.

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    Maybe you want to explore existing APIs. For example, I found this one: and then go to "start hacking".

    Are you familiar with web APIs? Check @shiffman's fantastic videos:

    There must be another series that could be more relevant, specially on the server side. I am sure @shiffman could recommend any of his other series as I am not familiar with all his repertoire.


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