Outline (stroke) a sphere in 3D

I have a sphere with a movie for a texture. So far, so good. I want to create a stroke around the sphere. Any way to do this? Thanks in advance, Debbie


  • Sorry, forgot to mention I am working in P5.

  • isn't the outline of a sphere just a circle?

  • Hmmm, don't know. The spheres I have do not show outlines. But, then, they have texture (video) so maybe that is an issue?

  • did you try stroke(0);


    Maybe you can just draw a new sphere of the same size and position using

  • dlsdls
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    Yeah, I did. I am a rank beginner but I think the issue might be that I am also using a texture. Here is that part of the code:

    rotateZ(theta * mouseX * 0.001);
    rotateX(theta * mouseX * 0.001);
    rotateY(theta * mouseX * 0.001);

    Can't seem to make it work with


    either above or below texture.

    I tried to add strokeWeight but that did not help, either. There is also something called circleStroke (I think?) as a parameter for stroke, but that, too, did not work.Hmmm...

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    No, My idea was actually a 2nd sphere after the first

    2nd has stroke and noFill

  • Oops, sorry, tried that too. As a matter of fact, I can't even just draw a sphere with an outline at all (I tried it with and without the strokeWeight). Grrrr...I am so frustrated (but thank you!)

  • Thanks. I assume it is the same with spheres, which also do not 'stroke.'

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