How to compare read rfid tag id with database and display matched and its particular name?

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Here i am using "Arduino" to program, i am able to read the rfid tag and display 12 digits ID on LCD. Now, i want to create a database of 100 students and store it. then compare reader read id with that database and display the particular name and update date and attendance. So, please any one suggest me what is the steps i have to follow.

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  • Are you using Processing? Or is this all on the arduino?

  • No, i am not using Processing, using only arduino. I am confused which one i have to prefer to create database and that database should be reference. Then whenever we read rfid tag then that ID should be compared with reference database and display respective name, class and should update attendance.

  • The Arduino could run as a stand alone unit. If you have a digital display, you could use it to display data and have full control on the dta directly using the unit. Or you could have the arduino to deliver the data to the computer and process the data in processing. For example, you could display a bunch of squares representing every student and color the squares based on attendance. or you could display attendance per student per week or per month. It really depends what you would like for a final result.


  • My input database should be in Excel, the final result should be like whenever the tag id is detected then the LCD monitor should display that particular person name, class, respective person photo and simultaneously the no. of class/ attendance should get updated. So please guide me for further steps that i have to follow. Thank you, SR

    Can you provide your Arduino code? I would recommend using loadTable and saveTable. Please check the reference to become familiar with these functions and the Table object. This would be a good start.


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