Questions: How does GSoC run in Processing Foundation?

Hi, Processing. I have some questions about GSoC.

  1. As far as I know, the student need to do his project in a mentorship environment, Should student seek a mentor before application? If so, is there a mentor list for students to get in touch with possible mentors?
  2. I have found a template proposal in GSoC page, could we get some proposals accepted in previous years to improve the quality of our proposals :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  • I would encourage you to read the Google FAQ about the summer of code program. Processing is a participating organization, but the administration of the program is all handled by Google. You do not need to seek a mentor beforehand, if you are accepted, one will be assigned to you. Unfortunately I don't believe we can share publicly previous applications without permission of the student, but you can find reports of our previous projects on our website.

  • Thanks, got it :)

    I have read Google FAQ and mannual for students. There seems to be different rules in different orgs about the mentors. Some of them requires students to find their possible mentors, so I have the question 1.

  • For the Processing Foundation you do not need to seek a mentor in advance, however, you are certainly welcome to suggest a request/mentor if you have one in mind.

  • \m/ Got it!

  • shiffman, does there is any discussion of proposed idea? For example, I share an idea of BrainWave Lab Tool as a google doc inside GSoC cabinet but still there is no any reaction or comments on that proposition. Where do we (participants) need to discuss our ideas to specify its' details? It will be useful...

  • @j0k I'll reply in your other post!

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