Using Launch4J JarMatey with Processing

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Hello all. I wish to create a self containing Windows executable file with my Processing sketch. I have some text and image files in a data folder which are required to run the sketch (users will NOT create or write to those files).

I tried Launch4J and realised that once I delete/rename/move the original data folder, the wrapped exe file will no longer reference the location and fail to run. Alternatively, I tried JarMatey, which creates a self-extracting executable jar. That is fine, but I am looking at an exe file.

I end up using both of them, creating a self-extracting jar with my data folder and files inside, then wrap with Launch4J.

However, I am, wondering if there are any other alternative way to achieve what I want.



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    I realised if you have WinRar, you can create a self extracting archive that extracts everything to a temporary location and launch the exe file right after extraction.

  • I just also realised that the self extracting archive will NOT delete itself after running, resulting in one copy of the extracted sketch everytime you run it. Irritating. JarMatey will delete the temporary files after the sketch is closed. Maybe there is another archiving program that can do something similar?

  • Hi, currently working in a Java DB Manager for Processing. I hope that a 1.0 version will be soon available. Greetings.

  • Remb to inform me when it is done!

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