How to detect traffic in images? (traffic/facial recognition)

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Hi all!

I'm currently doing a project in which i ideally want to be identifying if an image contains traffic or not, and if it does then to display information. So i would be using a live stream of images from road traffic webcams and displaying data about traffic as it happens.

My main question is how to actually go about writing something that would detect a car for example - or ever the colour of it, but that would be getting ahead of myself.

Many thanks, any response will be very much appreciated!


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    @garry94 -- what kind of information? Are you trying to do traffic counting, e.g. like this?

    BoofCV and OpenCV are two libraries that give tools for doing things like this -- for example, using a background subtraction approach.

    However, this can be really hard to implement well and make robust. Will it need to work during different times of day and at night? What about during rain, or snow? etc.

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