Kinect for Windows with OpenNI, NITE and Kinect SDK - Processing says "Kinect not connected"

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I'm using the Kinect for Windows and Windows 7 64 bit, Java 7.45

And I want to install OpenNI, NITE and the Kinect SDK. I'm really confused. So many versions in so many different Tutorials.

I tried to install OpenNI 2.1.0 64/32bit, NITE 2.0 64/32bit and also the Kinect SDK 1.6

Then I tried to install openni 64/32bit and NITE 1.5.2 64/32bit and also the Kinect SDK 1.6 The OpenNI2 Simpleviewer is working for me.

Bild hochladen

(runs with these installations: OpenNI 2.1.0 64/32bit, NITE 2.0 64/32bit, Kinect SDK 1.6)

Does that mean that everything works properly? Because I always get this message from Processing (2.0.3 64bit)....

"SimpleOpenNI Version 1.96 Kinect not connected! After initialization:"

....when I run this script:

// Kinect Basic Example by Amnon Owed (15/09/12)

// import library
import SimpleOpenNI.*;
// declare SimpleOpenNI object
SimpleOpenNI context;

// PImage to hold incoming imagery
PImage cam;

void setup() {
  // same as Kinect dimensions
  size(640, 480);
  // initialize SimpleOpenNI object
  context = new SimpleOpenNI(this);
  if (!context.enableUser()) {
    // if context.enableUser() returns false
    // then the Kinect is not working correctly
    // make sure the green light is blinking
    println("Kinect not connected!");
  } else {
    // mirror the image to be more intuitive

void draw() {
  // update the SimpleOpenNI object
  // put the image into a PImage
  cam = context.userImage().get();
  // display the image
  image(cam, 0, 0);

Is it even possible to make the "Kinect for Windows" correctly run together with OpenNI, NITE and the Kinect SDK? Most tutorials are for the "XBOX Kinect".

I very much hope that you can help me!

Greetings, Daniel


  • Hello,

    Since no one replied you, I'm going to tell you what I know. I never used SsimpleOpenNI library, what I use is the true OpenNI library (you can download it in the openNI website). The Official OpenNI library works with both sensors (Xbox and Kinect for Windows) , so SimpleOpenNI must implement the official OpenNI functions (in a much simpler approach) and it must work with both. I can't tell what the real problem is as I never worked with SimpleOpenNI.

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