Geomerative | Text question

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I am trying to modify an example script that uses geomerative as well as fisica to have letters with dynamic properties.

The issue I am having is that it currently only works with single letters and I want it to work with words.

The code that I need to figure out is probably this part.

 m_shape = RG.getText(txt);
    m_poly_group = RG.polygonize(m_shape);

    if (m_poly_group.countChildren() < 1) return;
     m_poly = m_poly_group.children[1];    // which letter

If I change the children[1] to children[2] for instance it will work with the 2nd letter of my string.

There is also function RGroup myGroup = font.toGroup(txt); that I think is needed.

Below is a link to my sketch.. (

Any tips would be great.



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