Kinect Projection Mapping

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Hello, I'm currently doing a university project on 'Motion Tracking Projection Mapping'. I'm currently focusing on a 'markerless' system using the kinect V1. For the end result I basically want to be able to project on a moving person and/or objects. I'm currently using Jon Bellona's processing SimpleKinect codes in order to skeleton track and then use then take the OSC coordinate data from the joint positions. I then hope to project some effects to these co ordinates, not necessarily 100% on the person/objects but to project effects to skeleton data points.

I've already looked at at stuff like kinect projector toolkit, but I need scientifically measure something for my assignment, so i'm trying to measure and compare the accuracy of markerless and 'markers' motion projection mapping. I'm currently using Processing 2 for Mac OSX.

Does anyone have any experience or has seen anything similar to what I am trying to achieve? Anything to do with OSC skeleton data and projection that has been done before?

Any suggestions or examples would be a huge help to me.

Thanks a lot!

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