Indoor navigation using RFID technology

Hi, I'm new to the forum and need some direction please.

I have chosen to create an indoor navigation app for my final year university project. After much discussion with my tutor, we have identified Processing v3.2.3 as the software most suited for the job. The challenge is for the app to read data from RFID tags containing co-ordinates that represent locations in a hospital. The idea is to translate those co-ordinates to the different departments and indicate whereabouts in the hospital you are located - like a navigation system to help you get around the hospital.

Assuming I have the RFID tags containing the locations and co-ordinates I will require the code which picks up the location then places a marker on a simple map/plan of the hospital and therefore I will also need the code that interacts with the plan image.

I have successfully created a Processing sketch which picks up map co-ordinates from GPS however I will need the Android device to pick up data from RFIDs which are strategically placed around the corridors of the hospital and once the co-ordinates have been converted into locations then this location needs to be displayed on the map/plan with a "you are here" type marker.

Can this actually be done? If not I would appreciate any similar idea's that I could implement instead.

If it can be done, any help to set me on my way with the code will be much appreciated.



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    So the person needs to tap on the RFID tag, right? Do you know what is the maximum range for an NFC to be able to read an RFID tag?

    To code this in Android, you will need to follow Android API's documentation because the ketai library's NFC examples don't work anymore after some recent changes done in Processing. You could make it work using an older version of Android mode. For this, I am guessing you will need to use an older version of processing.

    You mention you have already implemented your geolocation software. Just to add, unfoldingmaps library does a good job and might be something that you could check for your own interest.


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    Kfrajer, thank you for your reply.

    The idea wasn't that the person would need to tap on the RFID tag. I was under the impression that RFID, unlike NFC, has a much larger range depending on what instance of the technology you use and also the position and surroundings of the tag etc.

    I understand, perhaps I will have to install Processing 2?

    Yes I have been reading a book about Processing and followed a sketch that they done in there which created a small geolocation app. I have seen unfoldingmaps many times whilst doing research, I shall have to look into it further.

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