Analog pins with Processing and Arduino

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Hey all.

I'm building an arcade machine with an Arduino Duemilanove ATmega328p and Processing. I want to use x4 rotary encoders and a joystick to control some features of my game. I have used all of my digital pins for 3 rotary encoders with built-in buttons (3 pins each), and the remainder for the joystick (4 pins). I have one more rotary encoder hooked up to the analog pins 3-5, but I am having trouble with interpreting numbers I return from the analogRead() method. I tried digitalRead() instead, but I am always left with a reading of 0 on both pins. Does anybody have experience with rotary encoders and analog inputs?


  • If you missed it, there is an Arduino category in this forum, waiting eagerly for such questions... Better place it there, rather than in generic categories like "Using Processing"...

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