Problems using sonia library?

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So I am trying to use sound in a program by using sonia, but when I try to run the program I get the error message "NullPointerException" and:

Could not load native library for JSyn V142
com.softsynth.jsyn.SynthException: JSyn error: Could not access JSyn synthesis engine. - JSyn not properly installed, or web page is not calling smart_embed_jsyn.js!, 0x0=0, 0x0=0
Sonia: Please make sure you have entered the correct Sample file name to load

The file name is right though, and it is in the sketch folder inside code > data folder, which is where it put the file with I hit "add file" on processing. Sorry if this doesn't make much sense. Do I have the sound file in the wrong place or is something else wrong?

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