Is it possible to patch SinOsc (processing sound) with minim?

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I have a working sketch using SinOsc to produce a variable sound. I would like to record the output and the only way I have found to do this is through Minim. However, I am not keen on the alternative of Oscil wave on minim. I am probably coding it wrong for I am sure it can do the same thing. On my original sketch I have SinOsc being affected by a variable: fNoise = map(lerpFdata, 0, 255, 0, 100); sine0.freq(fNoise);

And on the sketch using minim I have this: fNoise = map( lerpFdata, 0, 255, 100, 200); wave1 = new Oscil( fNoise,0.5, Waves.SINE ); wave1.patch( out );

The result with SinOsc is smooth, whilst with Oscil it is quite patchy .

I am new to Processing and I am clueless as to where the mistake might be. Any suggestions or help welcome! Even perhaps another way to record audio output? thanks

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