Recommended hardware for Android Processing

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I was wondering if anyone has any tips on finding cheap hardware that will work well with Android for Processing, especially for running stable for longer periods of time.

I know not all hardware even works. In the past I have organized courses on creative coding where people got to take their visual creation home on a tablet (Q88 A10) which was framed like a painting. Not all tablets we tested allowed for side-loading or rooting for example.

So, which hardware are you happy with?

I am especially curious about low-end cheap Chinese hardware that is stable.

For example:

  • the Nexbox A95x is a cheap ($25-40) TV-box that's very popular, and has custom roms and can be rooted. But I don't know if it will work with Processing/Ketai. And you need a male-to-male USB cable to connect it to your pc, it doesn't have a micro-usb port.
  • The Teclast P80h tablet is about $70 and seems quite popular.
  • What about the Dualboot tablets like the Chuwi Hi8 or the Teclast X80 pro? If all else fails you can still run processing on Windows :-) They do tend to get hot though.
  • Maybe a refurbished former flagship phone, like a Nexus 5?

Personally I don't recommend the Nexus 7 tablets: they discharge faster than they can recharge, so running them in an exhibit or other installation is a bad idea.



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