A little job opportunity - Convert Processing to P5.js

Hi everyone, I need a (paid) help to convert a Processing sketch into P5.js.

It is an audio/visual installation that I am submitting for festivals around the world.

It perfectly works on Processing but I need to show it (embed) on a website.

The main task is to convert and adapt the audio libraries and to clean/optimize the code.

I am not a pro programmer so I need help, I think a JS ninja can solve it in a few hours.

Feel free to write to me in order to arrange for the fee and the other details.




  • Hi Gianmaria,

    My name is Tom Chambers, I run a creative technology company called random quark (http://randomquark.com) and we specialise in interactive audio and video installations, often using processing alongside C++ and JavaScript.

    Our most recent project was a swarm based generative art piece for a major advertising company (I can't make this public yet unfortunately as they're just about to do their launch! You can see plenty of our other work on our site though). While making this we had to convert from processing to p5.js and deal with performance and other challenges.

    We'd love to help with this project, and we have some availability coming up, perhaps we could have a chat soon to discuss?

  • P.S. If the question is a job offer, one generally sends a PM to the OP.

  • Is it available.. Github.com/mehedi432

  • That's a year old.

    That's 4 times now I've seen you posting your github link here, it's beginning to look a lot like spamming... Please tone it down a bit.

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