Color processing when capturing video


Hope this is the right forum to place my question..

I'm streaming a live event and capturing 32bit RGB signal and I'm seeing some distortion of colors in the encoder when capturing it using any well known encoder software (Adobe's FMLE, Wirecast, OBS). When capturing using capture card manufacturer software all colors are pure / not distroted.

**My question is: how are tho colors processed in PC when using capruting a video? What is the role of the encoding software and GPU in this process? ** I haven't got any answars from any other forums though I think this is a relevant thing to know to figure out the resolution.

Im using Datapath Vision AV-SDI card Win7 up-to-date Both AMD and Nvidia GPU - same issue Coputer: ASUS X99 / X99S 16GB RAM

Any help is highly appreciated - and sorry if this is totally off topic issue here. Feel free to remove this message if not appropriate :)

Happy New Year 2017!


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