using gstreamer in eclipse

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Im trying to use GStreamer in eclipse via jna. Processing provides a library for that and all is fine if i try to run the code by running the sketch as an applet from eclipse, but when i try to execute the whole application i get a list of warnings(on Camera first call) like this one

(javaw.exe:3840): GStreamer-WARNING **: Failed to load plugin 'C:/Users/aaa/Desktop/bbb/ccc/video/library/\windows64\plugins\libgstvorbis.dll': `C:/Users/aaa/Desktop/bbb/ccc/video/library/\windows64\plugins\libgstvorbis.dll': Impossibile trovare il modulo specificato.

on 30+ of 140 plugins (probably the ones needed by my library for the camera managment)

the jna jar and the libraries are in the project folder C:/Users/aaa/Desktop/bbb/ccc/video/library/ and included in the build path

and the native code is in C:/Users/aaa/Desktop/bbb/ccc/video/library/windows64/plugins/

the path doesnt seem correct, note the /\ after library

i never wrote libraries that need jna and i was trying to use this library as is if possible, any suggestions?

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