Simplest way to post image online (to be shared)

Hi, I have a simple sketch that draws randomly on the canvas. Right now the user can click to download an image of the drawing currently being displayed on screen (browser shows a 'Save As' dialog).

Now I'd like to take this a step further and allow this image to be saved online, so that the user may share it easily (although the user may download the image and then share it on facebook, for example, it would be best to have a 1 click process - ie., the user clicks and gets a shareable link).

So I have 2 questions:

1) Let's say I decide to host the images myself (in my PHP enabled server). Does anyone know of a tutorial explaining how to do this? I found many discussions about implementing this, but none where conclusive. Ideally I'd like a simple working example, with the html, js and PHP files. (my knowledge of programming is limited)

2) Is there a way to post the image to a image host service, like Imgur, Flickr, Google Photos, or something like that? This way I wouldn't be using my own bandwidth. I could limit the save frequency some way to avoid being blocked. (Again, I found some references about this online, but not nearly enough for me to be able to do it myself. ideally I'd like a simple working example)

If anyone has tips on this, please let me know! Thank you.

Sorry if this is a duplicate topic, however I couldn't find this being discussed anywhere else...



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