Processing - Minim - Mixtable - Signal from Left and signal from Right

Hello Folks,

Considering the use of Minim with Processing, is it possible to generate a waveform of a sound coming from the left channel output of my Mixtable (a violin for example) and in the same time another waveform of a different sound coming from the right channel output of my Mixtable (a voice for example) in Processing code ? These 2 sounds come initially from 2 mics plugged into my mixtable. So the signal can be panned (one for left, one for right) and injected in my macbook pro. But… I've read that the input channel always transit threw the Mic-In on OSX, so as far as i know the signal is always mixed and merged (left and right channel of my mixtable in the mic-in). Right ?

Any idea to resolve my problem ?



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