Having troub getting processing working on linux

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any tips?



  • What problems do you have? The more information you provide, the more responses you will get. What OS and Processing version are you installing? What errors do you get, if any?


  • I use processing almost literally every day on mint mate (17) (and have been since before processing version 1) without problems.

    So, yes, more details required.

  • im on the latest version of ubuntu and like, i got it to run once but i couldnt get individual pde files to run, also when working on a program it basically said in processing that i needed the 32 bit version of ubuntu and i dont want to re install ubuntu (specifically xubuntu), i have tried to install 32 bit processing but for some reason it doesnt start up

  • What errors do you get if any? Do you monitor the console to see if there is any output?

    Can you open any pde file? Do you get access to the available examples? Do you get the same problems?


  • no errors and I can not open and pde files

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