Car Object on flat plane - Up, Left, Right, Back Arrow Keys - Drive Function - Camera stay at rear

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Anyone mind giving me some links and few tips on how to start this process ?

I am currently building car objects with about 100 points.

I was thinking

"up pressed" translate forward by value (speed)

"left pressed" - translate forward (speed/2) + translate left (speed/2) + rotate anticlockwise (2)

"right pressed" - translate forward (speed/2) + translate right(speed/2) + rotate clockwise (2)

"down pressed" translate backwards by value (speed)

Camera tips anyone ? Should I use the perspective function or the camera function

Thanks for any tips


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    @Chrisir presented a good example of object tracking using the camera in the following link:

    You can also check peasycam. You can install this library using Processing's Library Manager.


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    In the example I sent you you can leave the camera as it is. It just follows the car in a clever way.

    You just need to change the behavior of the car in the input tab and in the car tab. Iirc.

    Best, Chrisir

  • Its hard figure out LOL

  • Anyone fancy looking at me code, been driving me mad for 8 hours ? :(

  • What are you trying to do in your code?

    Paste a small sample showing your problem and what part are you struggling with.

    I will suggest starting using the peasycam. You can also use the camera() function although you have to think in vector mode: magnitude, orientation and direction.


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