Is there a way to use DirectShow iamvideoprocamp to control camer input device brightness?

I have utility i can run from command line within sketch that captures images to .png. but they do not provide access to brightness or gamma settings from a command line. They are available in the full program .exe and can be adjusted there , but not remotely via a command line

Obviously the brightness , hue, saturation and even gamma of the usb camera device is adjustable via Directshow or come Windows function for the camera device.

Is there a way to execute these commands from within processing?


  • UPDATE **** Using Capture now to capture image into Pimage It works but only with Camera.list()[0] camera

    Get Camera.list but all camera numbers for my usb grabber , which is in the list do not return an image.

    cam = new Capture(this, Capture.list()[0]); // 1,2 and 3 work as well for Webcam cam.start();

    Anybody got any ideas? The usb grabber is in the list multiple times for various resolutions Tryed several, but 640x480 works for webcam and usb is same res. Also tryed both frame rates 5 & 30 but cam still does not contain image i can cam.get() into a PImage image variable.

    Problem is accessing second capture device!

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