[Solved] Buggy typography in the interface on Windows 10

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Hello! I've just downloaded Processing 3.2.3 on my Windows 10 Pro machine. As I've started the program, as it was out of the box, I got this broken typography all across the ide:

2016-11-12. 2016-11-12 (2)

I've tryed to download it once again, and I've tried version 3.2.2 as well. Same thing. Any Ideas? Thank you a lot!



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    It appears to be one particular font. A corrupted (or missing) font, perhaps? Some conflict with your system language settings, perhaps?

    If you haven't already, consider reporting this to: Processing Issues.

  • Thank you for your reply, My system language is English, with Italian as a keyboard layout. So that should not be a problem, I believe. I've tried to reinstall the fonts in lib> fonts, but the issue persists.

  • Reported as Issue 4747

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    Thank you. The temporary solution they've provided works.

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