Can Colors Change With Time

Hey, I am relatively new to code and Processing, but think it might work well for a project I am working on. I am wondering if it would be possible to make an image's tones change based on the changing time, and then have this displayed constantly. I don't need a specific how to, I just want to know if this would be possible and then I would try to learn how to do it myself. Thanks for the help!



  • @magoo --

    Yes, it is possible!

    In the reference, start trying the examples for:

    • image() to show an image
    • tint() to change image color
    • second() and millis() to do thing based on the clock time or the running duration.

    Combine these and you are on your way to making your sketch idea.

  • Also, depending on if you want colors to change in a circular / cyclical fashion, also check out HSB colorMode instead of RGB -- varing the hue can then be done in a continuous loop.

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