integrate processing in existing art app cinegrafix (android)

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Hello, I allready have developed an app for art content "cinegrafix" (google store) and i relly want to integrate processing as a tool for artist that can provide their artwork on the platform. can you help me to integrate that tool?

Do you know how difficult it is to do that? I´m looking forward to hear from you, all the best from berlin, thomas


  • I'm not sure I understand. Integrate how?

    If this app is a store for people to sell digital images and animations, then don't your artists who use Processing save their work as a file (movie/image/app/whatever), then upload to your store, the same as any software? (eg Adobe Creative Suite).

    Or are you trying to point your artists to documentation on how to export Processing sketches as movies?

    Or are you trying to create a custom cinegrafix uploading tool for the Processing Tools menu?

  • Hi Jeremy, sorry for my very late answer. I hope that you will answer me :) So . The art from the artist will be uploaded by me. When People buy art via webpage (not via app) the purchased art will be displayed by the app. Do you understand? So the processed art should be a executive processing programm that will be uploaded and tha app should have a processing software as an integrated part to display the art. The advantage of the softwaresolution is that the art will never loop it will be generative. Moreover the artists dont want to make a loop of their generative art. I´m looking forward to hear from you! Thomas

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    As @jeremydouglass i dont understand exactly what you mean by "integrate":

    am i right???

    • you have a site where you upload arts objects send by people

    • browsing this site an user can choose to download one of these works using your app

    • not any problem if they are movies or pictures

    • now you want that user can download also generative works made with processing

    • that's to say they can be .app or .exe (java mode) or .apk (android mode)

    • as for .apk i cannot see the problem (except to "show" them on your site before downloading...)

    • as for or or... Dalvik (android) is not the standard JVM. :-t

    but probably i misunderstood and apologize!

    PS+++ i have downloaded your app && given a look to your web site; now i am thinking that you are looking for adding in your app generative animations (P5 or....); if i guess right that means that 1) you want some kind of gui 2) that clicking the user can see the work and put it where he wants (display); am i right??? - [it does not solve the problem for .apps...but except this case is possible to code]

  • Hi Akenaton! thanks a lot for your response. actually you got the problem. The site ist just to see and buy the art. allthought the art is made with processing- for marketing issues we would make videos out of the generative art. but when the generative art #8made with processing) is purchased and downloaded in the app- the app should be able to show the processing files as generative art . than it could be streamed to tv etc. so- is there a gui or a software (code) which can be part of the app? It would be woderful that only the app will be installed and vidoes, pictures and generative art can be shown without installing anything else before. do you know a solution for that and if yes: could

  • we give it a try?

  • @Mingual===

    though not so easy it is possible but without seeing the actual code for your app (now, as it is) i cannot be more precise...

  • Hi Akenaton. not so easy means that it´sn not impossible:) so you mean at the moment, you will allways see the code before and you have to press start to launch the programm right?

  • @Mingual===

    yes, i think it s not impossible!

    i have downloaded your app and installed it; but i cannot see the code as it is compiled and i have not enough time too decompile it...

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