I want to connect to Wi-Fi and a list of applications.

I want to create applications through the processing tool. (Processing Tool, Smart phone)


I can now send and receive data. However, I do not know how to access and WiFi list. I wish to give your attachments such as source. Ketai is not library. Ketai include a system can not be implemented.

I want to>> 1. WiFi watching list 2. Access to Wi-Fi



  • Is this related to your earlier question?:


    Or is this different because it is for a phone, not a Windows PC?

    Did you try Ketai, and did it not work for you?

  • This is to configure your smartphone. Apps on smartphones like to know about Wi-Fi information.

    'Ketai library' => Unknown is through him that. Through him, but I tried not to source code and examples.

  • We are a little bit lost in translation here. Do you want to access the WiFi list from a processing program which is run on a PC?

    I want to>> 1. WiFi watching list 2. Access to Wi-Fi

    What do you mean with your second point? If I am understanding correctly, after you have a list of WiFi points, you want to select and connect to one of them?

    It would help if you share your code.


  • WANT

    Q1) We are a little bit lost in translation here. Do you want to access the WiFi list from a processing program which is run on a PC? ==> processing program which is run on a SMARTPHONE. Q2) It would help if you share your code. ==> I want to help and code. I am a beginner.

    Hoping someone please help me. Please help me. Thank you.

  • The ketai WiFi example is a good way to start P2P communication between two android devices. Study the code and give it a try:



  • First of all, thank you very much to the quick response. As the story at the beginning, I was used to that. But I could not see through it.

    Will not you help me?

  • Did you run the example? To run it, you need two android devices. Run the code in one of them first. Then stop the application. Unplug it from the USB and connect the second phone. Run the code in the second device. Now that you have the app running in the second device, you will need to run the app in the first device manually. Make sure they are behind the same WiFi network. One of the devices, when in discovering mode, should be able to detect the other device. Try connecting to it and it should work.

    When both devices are connected, whatever you do to the screen of one device in cursor mode, it will be reflected in the second device and vise versa.

    If ketai doesn't work for you, I would suggest you post the code you have so far.


  • For example, the Wi-Fi Direct is run. But what I want to require that lists Wi-Fi, can not you implement it?

  • For example, I want to connect to the router via a processing program. But brooding router name is not on the list.

  • In the link I provided you,


    if you use the option >> c << you get a list of available devices to connect. You will not get a router as usually you access routers through a local ip address assigned to it.

    Why do you want to connect to a router? Are you modifying the router parameters?


  • Good morning. Thank you for your interest. Please see the image.


    1. Wi-Fi Direct will work fine.
    2. However, I am not required to list the Wi-Fi Direct.
    3. I would like to know how to access and WiFi list. You can see a list of Wi-Fi on a smartphone you see in the image itself. However, the program can not be viewed as a recommendation submitted a list of Wi-Fi.

    Please answer fast.

  • Answer ✓

    If I understand correctly,what you want to do is to connect your computer to a device that is acting as a hot spot. What you want is the PC to discover available peers, to list them, similar to what Windows does when it discover available WiFi networks available close by. Sorry, I can't help as I haven't done this type of connection before. Usually, when I want my computer to connect to a a WiFi provider, I let the windows network manager to handle the WiFi listing and the network selection. I will let other people in the forum to contribute to the discussion. You could also do a google search on the topic.

    Check these relevant links that I just googled:





  • Thanks ^^

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