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Hi, I have the raspberry TouchScreen and raspberry PI2b+ with pixel OS. I want use 2 screens, the first is HDMI (in VGA mode) and second is Raspberry touchscreen. In the article above i can do this with "omxplayer --display=4" command. Is it possible to run a processing sketch on the second screen ? Frank



  • In regular Pixel OS, do you see a desktop on both displays?

  • No. I just view a video with omxplayer.

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    @Frank Since it doesn't appear as a second display to the operating system, it appears to me that the interface that omxplayer uses to output the video there is probably custom, and not something that Processing or Java can do, I am afraid.

    The Raspberry Pi Foundation is likely switching over to a new, open-source graphics driver, that will make things behave a little bit more like Desktop programs expect them to. Not sure if true multi-monitor output (HDMI+DSI) is even feasible, but if you're interested you could ask Eric Anholt, who's developing this driver, if it is.

  • Thank's gohai.

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