JRubyArt and PDE modes

I'm curious about JRubyArt -- which I see announced periodically in the Modes forum channels, but seems to be a separate installation process / toolchain.

Why is JRubyArt not available through Processing PDE Modes? (By contrast with p5.js, or Python Mode, etc. etc.).

Are there technical limitations for installation, or is JRubyArt used in ways that make PDE integration impractical, or are the different developers / communities not interested in integration?

It would be nice to promote Java, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby programming to newcomers through a shared storefront -- and to lower the installation barrier-to-entry.



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    The most recent implementation of javascript http://p5js.org/ (promoted by processing.org) exists as a separated project and is not integrated in the processing.ide, I would be pleased if JRubyArt could gain a similar status. Meanwhile tyfkda has attempted creating a ruby mode in the processing ide. I favor a separate development and recently created plugins to use atom as a JRubyArt ide.

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    p5.js also tried to create a separate offline IDE for it.
    But it turns out after some years they finally realized having 1 written in Java as a p5.js Mode is the way to go for extra visibility!

    It'd be gr8 if Ruby Mode followed Processing's API more closely.
    It seems to me it favors Ruby native functions more than corresponding Processing 1s! L-)

  • GoToLoop what is the the point a ruby version that just apes vanilla processing? Further in ruby everything is an object:-

    x.abs not abs(x)

    x.radians not radians(x)

    a**b not pow(a, b)

  • I see no problems leaving the corresponding Processing API as a fallback.
    Even p5.js & Python projects follow that rule! :-@
    I can easily convert Java Mode to p5.js & Python modes due to that API similarity.
    It breaks the initial language barrier when starting a new language! O:-)

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    Thank you for pointing out the option of using Ruby Mode. It is nice to know this option is available, even if it is not yet a streamlined install experience for new users. I see no reason that a separate IDE and a mode couldn't both exist -- either would have advantages for some users; I'd be interested in trying either.

    I see that there is an open issue to add Ruby Mode to the PDE Modes installing tab in the future:

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