Video Library, not playing mkv files...

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hi everybody, i have some big mkv files on my pc and i want to play them with processing video library, but there seems to a problem as nothing happens! i can open them with my players, so i don't think its about files. thanks :-)



  • MKV is a container, not a specific format, so it is possible that these specific MKVs are using a format that Processing can't access but that something else on your system can.

    1. The Reverse.pde example for the Processing video library comes with an mkv file -- transit.mkv.

      • Are you able to run that sketch?
      • Does that example mkv file work with your current sketch?
    2. When you try to run your big MKV with Reverse.pde, do you get an error message in the console?

  • hi jeremy, thanks for answering... i checked that example and it worked well... but i didn't check the big mkv file in Reverse.pde... i'll try it out... anyway, is there any other library for playing video files?

  • That link suggests that the library passes all the work on to gstreamer. So check you have all the gstreamer options installed.

  • thanks koogs... what are available options for gstreamer? and how can i be sure if i have all of them installed?

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    operating system?

    as jeremy says, mkv is a container and the video codec is a different thing. the mkv file in the example might contain an ogg theora video, judging by the comment in the example file. just because it works and ends in .mkv doesn't mean all .mkv files will.

    (it is:

    Playing ~/Downloads/transit.mkv.
    [mkv] Track ID 1: video (V_THEORA), -vid 0
    [mkv] Will play video track 1.
    Selected video codec: Theora [libavcodec]


  • thanks again, but i still can't figure out what's the problem... i mean how can i solve it... how is it possible to play .mkv files in processing (as some mkv videos won't be played with processing...) anyway thanks everyone...

  • as we've said, twice now, mkv is a container, it tells us nothing about what's in the file that same way a txt file could be english or french.

    show us more details of the file. vlc's tools menu has a codec option, what does that say?

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