Color Blindness Simulation Library for Processing

I am pleased to announce the creation of ColorBlindness, a color blindness simulation library.

With just two lines of code, you can simulate any form of colorblindness on your sketch. The simulation implementation is FAST, so can run in real-time without noticeably slowing down your sketch. The library can also do Daltonization, a color correction algorithm for making things easier for color blind people to see.

Documentation is available here:

The methodology used in the library is carefully researched and documented here:

My library also supports any kind of algorithm customization. If you want to tweak the parameters or if you have different ideas about how color blindness simulation should be done, my library will support your efforts to implement your ideas.

Note that in the process of researching this I figured out that many open source Daltonization tools out there contain a math error for Tritanopia, a rare form of color blindness.

The library comes with many examples, including educational sketches for learning about human color vision.

Please have a look and provide feedback!



  • @subject117 -- fantastic!

    The pages on daltonization and simulation are fascinating -- and beautiful.

    You should definitely incorporate some of these image into the project cover page, this thread, documentation etc. I think people will get much more excited about the creative or research possibilities if they get a visceral sense of what the library can do a la image processing or photo filters.


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