FFT & AudioIn not picking up audio played

This code comes from the processing FFT demonstration on their website.

        import processing.sound.*;

        FFT fft;
        AudioIn in;
        int bands = 512;
        float[] spectrum = new float[bands];

        void setup() {
          size(512, 360);

          // Create an Input stream which is routed into the Amplitude analyzer
          fft = new FFT(this, bands);
          in = new AudioIn(this, 0);

          // start the Audio Input

          // patch the AudioIn

        void draw() { 

          for(int i = 0; i < bands; i++){
          // The result of the FFT is normalized
          // draw the line for frequency band i scaling it up by 5 to get more amplitude.
          line( i, height/2, i, height/2 - spectrum[i]*height*5 );

It runs but doesn't acknowledge the sound being played through Spotify or iTunes. I'm using an iMac.

Do I have to change any settings within my mac? Why is this demonstration not working? Does it work on your computer?

Thanks in advanced.


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