HE_mesh Wireframe Modifier Problem

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Hi, could somebody please help me??

when i use the wireframe modifier the mesh gets messed up and torn. It doesn´t even work in the example files or tutorials.

I´m using 3.2.1

Thank you



  • Are you saying that the example files / tutorials aren't working even before you change them, or that a simple change breaks the tutorials?

    1. What machine / OS are you using?

    2. Please provide a short example sketch - a minimal, complete, and verifiable example so that others can help you narrow down the problem by looking at it on their system.

    3. When you paste your code, format it according to forum guidelines:

    paste it, then select it, Then hit the C button above the text area, or hit the Ctrl+K key combination. This indents the code with four spaces or a tab, and the forum will highlight it. The code must have blank lines before and after it.

  • Hi,

    thank you for your reply.

    the problem occurs, even when i run one of the examples with no changes at all, no library added or anything. it doesn´t work at my home pc or at work.

    i´m using win7 at home and at work.

    Here´s the code from libraries\hemesh\examples\tutorial\Tut002_Mesh_Modifier

    import wblut.math.*;
    import wblut.processing.*;
    import wblut.core.*;
    import wblut.hemesh.*;
    import wblut.geom.*;
    import processing.opengl.*;
    HE_Mesh box;
    WB_Render render;
    void setup(){
        HEC_Box boxCreator=new HEC_Box().setWidth(400).setWidthSegments(5)
        box=new HE_Mesh(boxCreator);
        //Modifiers are separate objects, not unlike creators
        HEM_Wireframe wireframe=new HEM_Wireframe();
         //Set parameters one by one ...
         //... or string them together
        //Modify the mesh by calling a modifier in a modify command
        // Modifiers can also be specified inline. Using modifiers inline has some disadvantages.
        // The modifier abject is not available for further reference, you would need this if you 
        // wanted to access mesh selections stored in the modifier after application. E.g. all extruded
        // faces.
        // box.modify(new HEM_Wireframe().setRadius(10).setFacets(4).setMaximumJointRadius(20));
        render=new WB_Render(this);
      void draw(){

    and when i run it the connections are torn


    thank you

  • That image is really helpful -- it does look like a bug. I'm not familiar with HE_mesh -- anyone else have feedback on this?

    You might need to report an issue.

  • i´m gonna report it and check if i have the right version. A lot of the demos aren´t working at all.

  • Based on the HE_mesh commit history you might try Processing 3.1.2 rather than 3.2.1 and see if that helps. Good idea reporting the issue(s) in either case.

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