No library found for cc.arduino - Linux Mint

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I can not run the library on Arduino Firmata processing 3.2.1

I'm on lunix mint 17.3 "Rosa" in 32bit versions. To install Firmata, I used the library for Processing Manager.

Processing works correctly for others modules (minim for example).

To try Firmata I used this code:

import processing.serial.*;
import cc.arduino.*;
Arduino arduino;
void setup(){  

I get the error message:

The Package "CC" does not exist. You might be missing a library.
No library found for cc.arduino. Librairies must be installed in a folder named 'libraries' inside the 'sketchbook' folder.

The librairie is correctly installed in the folder /home/myComputer/sketchbook/libraries/Arduino

I feel that this library is not found in the classpath ...

Thank you for your help.



  • Use synaptic from the admin menu and search for arduino. There might be a package there that provides the missing library.

  • Thank you for your answer, but with Synaptic I have not found specific package for Arduino + processing. Only C or EDI libraries. I think the problem is related to the fact that the jvm does not find the "cc" package in the arduino.jar file. But I do not know how to change this classpath.

  • If you can't change the class path then move the library so that it's in a folder in the existing path, maybe

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