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is there any way of detecting a keyboard shortcut like: CTRL+S? like the way see file>save file in the bar where that would normally be? i want to make a HTML editor witch i can save my files with, so i don't have to press a button to save



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    // GoToLoop (2016-Aug-22)
    void setup() {
    void draw() {
      background((color) random(#000000));
    void keyTyped() {
      print((int) key, TAB);
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    thanks, these are the shortcuts i found useful:

    CTRL-S: 19
    CTRL-R: 18
    CTRL-O: 15
    CTRL-N: 14


    i also found the keyCode for COMMAND on the mac so i could do COMMAND + S (i work on a macbook pro)

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