Can someone point me in a direction for achieving this perpendicular (vector) blur effect?

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So there's this effect in Adobe After Effects that I love and I really want to try and write a code to achieve something similar.. The effect is called Vector Blur but I can't seem to find any leads online to help me get going. I think the effect is somehow blurring perpendicular to edges in an image (see samples below) but I'm not exactly sure how it is calculating the directions/angles of the blur.

Base ref Image

Effect applied at 25 (dunno what unit that is)

Effect applied at 50

As you can see it's based on the brightness somehow but I'm not exactly sure how. Or perhaps it's actually a common effect that has a different name. Cos Vector Blur is a bit misleading and googling it often brings up motion blur stuff. I just need a few leads/keywords to search and dig thru, I'm happy to work it out myself, even if there's code in a different language. that's part of the fun! :) Any help would be appreciated.


  • First thing: you can use rect to male rects with round corners

    Then there is also a command blur - see reference iirc - but dunno if it is your thing

  • Thanks Chrisir. Yeah, rounded rects aren't what i'm looking for. It's definitely some kind of pixel process, but it's different than the Processing core blur filter. It makes some cool almost smokey effects (not just on rectangles) here's one i just found quickly online.

  • This manual has an explanation of what CC vector blur and its controls do, maybe it can help. HD 1.7.1 Manual.pdf

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