Where does Processing store its generated code on mac?

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Im trying to integrate normal android activities with Processing android mode.

Where do i get a look at the preprocessor-generated code on a mac?



  • @arnab321=== what OS version???

  • osx 10.11.

    Basically i want to look at the .java files it is generating

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    @arnab321=== with 10.11 it is in an hidden folder (you can see the uri at the very beginning of compiling in the console); this folder is inside a directory called var at the first level of your hard disk.then open another one subfolder called "folders" then another one called z9 and finally another one called "T"; You can navigate to it or show it using onyx ("show hidden files or folders").

  • wow thanks. /var/folders/rj/frg0xzhs4zx8dw7hnvr630100000gq/T on my system i wonder whats with the wierdly named folders. theres /tmp, and then /var/temp, why not use those...

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