ControlP5 Matrix – trigger for blanks as well??

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Anyone familiar with a way to get some sort of trigger from the ControlP5 Matrix for when a position hasn't been set?? It's working just fine to let me know anytime I have a section activated, but I'm building a basic A/B image animation flipping tool– and beyond using it to flip between the two images, would love to have it show black if neither A or B image has been activated. I simply can't find any documentation for even finding out what position the runner is on at any given moment- since it really only sends back signals to its own callback or the main controlEvent– if something happened/triggered. This makes perfect sense... but isn't so helpful right now... Maybe @sojamo you have some advice on how to extend it so that I can pass along another variable within the following code to know where the runner/cnt is and check if it's blank at that moment?? Or simply have the following 'myMatrix' function trigger on every cnt/frame of the Matrix, giving true/falses? I can getCells() to know which ones are blank.. but can't react in realtime when the matrix is playing.

void myMatrix(int theX, int theY) { println("got it: "+theX+", "+theY); // whatabout where it wasn't active? }

Here is what I mean by having one matrix frame inactive and wanting to trigger something for it being blank:

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