Chatbot ;-)

I made a chatbot now - check it out:

He has knowledge about religions and about animals. And maths.

Computer: Hi
Human: Who’s the founder of Judaism?
Computer: The Hebrew leader Abraham founded Judaism around 2000 B.C. Moses gave the Jews the Torah around 1250 B.C.
Human: What are the regions of Islam?
Computer: Islam is the main religion of the Middle East, Asia, and the north of Africa.
Human: What types of Buddhism are there?
Computer: Theravada (Way of the Elders) and Mahayana (Greater Vehicle) are the two main types.
Human: Who is the founder of Hinduism?
Computer: Hinduism has no founder. The oldest religion, it may date to prehistoric times.
Human: What is the Bible in Islam?
Computer: The Koran is the sacred book of Islam.
Human: What is the holy writing in Christianity?
Computer: The Bible is the main sacred text of Christianity.
Human: god in Islam?
Computer: One
Human: How many gods are there in Hinduism?
Computer: Many (all gods and goddesses are considered different forms of one Supreme Being.)
Human: interesting.
Computer: A man who has his faith is blessed. 
Human: How fast is a cat?
Computer: 30 mph.
Human: Yes.
Computer: It's amazing how fast some animals are... 
Human: What time is it?
Computer: 23:39
Human: What is 3 x 4 ? 
Computer: 12
Human: What is this times 3 ?
Computer: 36
Human: Yes
Computer: Math always comes easy to me. 
Human: What is 3 X 4?
Computer: 12
Human: What is 3 * 4?
Computer: 12
Human: What is 3 times 4?
Computer: 12
Human: What is this times 3 ? 
Computer: 36


  • Cool
    Maybe you could add other things, like a processing Siri. That would be fun

  • Thanks. I am on it.

    He can ask your name, tell his, knows about animals and can do cube and square etc.

  • There is ONE god in islam and many gods in hinduism!?

    The chatbot agrees with both paradoxical answers? :)

    However, good job. Where is the Source Code?

  • The idea is that you have tables with data (faiths / animals...) and can ask questions (where you can also use synonyms)

    I'll try to upload tonight

  • I am looking for more data like a table

    with 1000 animals and their data like number of legs, weight, region, speed, mammal y/n, lives earth / sea / air....

    or movies / famouse peoples / planets all sort of stuff...

    Also lists of Synonyms

  • Computer: Hi
    Human: hello
    Computer: What's your name?
    Human: I am Chris.
    Computer: Hi, CHRIS.
    Human: What's your name?
    Computer: Call me Al.
    Human: Hi, Al.
    Computer: Hi
    Human: How fast is a dog?
    Computer: 45 mph.
    Human: What is 3+4?
    Computer: 7
    Human: What is this times 12? 
    Computer: 84
    Human: If 4 Yards of Cloth cost 9 Shillings, what will 6 Yards cost at that Rate?
    Computer: The result is 13.5.
    Human: What is 19% of 200, please?
    Computer: The result is 38.
    Human: 7 square?
    Computer: The square of 7 is 49.
    Human: 3 cube, please?
    Computer: The cube of 3 is 27 (cubed).
    Human: 9!
    Computer: The factorial is 362880.
    Human: What date is it?
    Computer: 6/28/2016.
    Human: What time is it?
    Computer: It's 20:58
    Human: What day of the week is it?
    Computer: TU
    Human: Tell me a joke.
    Computer: A rabbi, a priest, and a minister walk into a bar. 
    The bartender looks at them and says, 
    "What is this, a joke?"
    Human: How fast is a cat?
    Computer: 30 mph.
    Human: quit
  • Next step is let the bot crawl through the internet and assemble those tables itself!

  • I know, we need more tables!!


  • How did you make it?

  • it’s based on tables

    Check out link above

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