How to use a filter (like a mustache or something) on your face with processing

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Hi there!

For a school project I want to create a couple of filters in processing. I know how the webcam works in processing yet. But I can't find how I have to import my own filters (some glasses, mustaches or simply a big nose). Also face recognition has to work in processing but I don't know how. Can somebody help me please?

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  • Hello, you can use something called OpenCV, and it is REALLY great for what you are looking for. With OpenCV there are many examples online on how to do the mustaches thing, as well as hats, and other funny filters. OpenCV is the best best when it comes to doing that with processing (it also has the face recognition built in.)

  • Hi, Can you give me a site or an example? I can't find filters which you can use in processing. Do I have to use Opencv as a library in processing?

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    Hi I don't know if I will get punished for linking to openFrameworks, but the most recent versions comes with an example that does more or less exactly what you are asking for...

    Here is a video showing a guy testing it out.

    In my version of (0.9.1) the example is located at /OpenFrameworks/of_v0.9.1_osx_release/addons/ofxCv/example-face-follow/bin

    That being said, as TechWiz777 is also stating, your idea it could also be done with OpenCV for Processing. Have a look at the examples that comes with the library:

    Please delete this post if it against forum policy to link to OpenFrameworks.

  • Hi Andres_Ref, Thanks for your information! I don't know how to delete a post from others on my question.... Byebye!

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