Multiple materials on an .obj? Sketchup, Meshlab

I have designed some 3D objects in Sketchup that I would like to display in processing. Different surfaces of the model are painted with different textures. I then export as .dae with textures which creates a folder with .jpgs of each texture. I then import into MeshLab where my textures do show up correctly. I then export as a .obj which also creates a .mtl. That mtl has a list of the "materials" and their .jpg file name. When I show the obj in processing it only paints on the last material/texture in the mtl list over the entire model, including areas which should have the earlier materials. It's either only accepting the last one or is possibly painting each material over the entire model showing only the last one.

Is there a way to get processing to accept multiple materials/textures? If I open the .obj (not the dae) in mesh lab it shows the textures correctly so I believe it's exporting correctly.

Alternatively, is there a way in mesh lab to create a single jpg from the repeated (tiled) and multiple jpgs given? I think this might be called baking. UV mapping is another keyword I don't full I need to export this separately in meshlab and can it be used by processing?



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    I used the Sketchup Pro trial and was able to export directly to .obj and it worked fine. For now, we can call this solved!

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