ANN: hard mode

Hi there,

I'm working on a new mode. It's not really a useful mode, but fun nonetheless

Basically you can type up a sketch and run it once. Your code is deleted as soon as you run the sketch. No debugging, saving, tabs, copy/paste, syntax highlighting, exporting etc.... so if you make a mistake, you'll have to start from scratch. If you make something that's worth keeping, better keep it running ;)

hard mode! :D

d/l here:

repo here: (the build setup is dirty, i.e. paths to libs etc. are hardcoded to paths on my computer)

If you like, play around with it. I've tried it only on my Mac with P5 3.1.1. Not sure if it works on Windows/Linux.

I'd like to try and add this to the official processing contributions so that it becomes available to download from the editor. Not sure how that is done?

have fun



  • I have looked on gthub and I can't find anything there to show how you should package a mode for distribution. :( and there doesn't appear to be a mode template. :(

    @prisonerjohn looks after user contributions and he will receive notification about this discussion so see if he gets back.

    One thing they won't accept are contributions whose name starts with P, P5, Pro etc so you will have to change that.

    It's not really a useful mode

    I agree with that :)

    but fun nonetheless

    only if you are a masochist :)

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