Callback functions for audio

Hi, is there any callback functions for audio events?

I am interested of a function type the "MousePressed()" that it is called every time a new array of say 256 samples microphone samples is available for processing.

I looked through the Mimin library and I could not see such one.

Also I would like to know if there is some function to change the sampling frequency of the audio, e.g. 8kHz or 16kHz since for speech that frequency is good enough. Once having 8000Hz, the callback should then be invoked repeatedly every 256/8000 seconds. That is how often I want to process the audio samples.

If possible samples should also be stored in some buffer to accept sporadic delays that makes the callback function execution to be delayed since I do not want to loose samples.

Maybe such functionality already exists hidden in some library. Please let me know!

Thanks /Alberto

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