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is their a installation guide ? im on windows surface pro 2 64bit and have alot of programs i made myself and other i have had a great help exp with the usual suspects up in this forum, at this point i think im ready to leave Processing IDE and move on to something a bit more useful like ofx but im unclear as to how it is used and or where to begin specially since i already have Processing sketches so i guess my workflow will be a nit diff im assuming ? not sure tho...


  • @GoToLoop i guess i was left afterwards confused as to what is it im supposed to do when converting .

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    I guess you should look up its instructions:
    Be aware that ofx is a C++ library. And Processing is a Java library.

  • right loop but the main question remains,....what do we do with all of our sketches in java? this it? processing? i mean not everyone has processing so if i was to attempt sharing my app in the playstore what then? everyone else would have to install java in their phones and tablet just to use my app? what about exporting the application? what is the whole point of that? i export the app and zip it up and send it to my brother is he going to be able to unzip it just run the app? i mean this is the main reason for my old post

    what do you do after being done programming with JAVA using processing?

    which you never really answered how to convert

  • ... everyone else would have to install java in their phones and tablet just to use my app?

    For Android you need to use Android Mode for your sketch to run there.

    which you never really answered how to convert

    • Export a Java Mode sketch w/ CTRL + SHIFT + E.
    • Go to "application.windows32\source\".
    • Open the ".java" file there and compare it w/ the ".pde" 1.
    • Then you're gonna find the actual 5% difference between Processing and Java.
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    hmmmm i just learned something new by comparing thank loop Sooooo if i was to paste this in something like eclipse ? i think thats java based ide

    and paste this in the ide

    import processing.core.*; 
    import processing.event.*; 
    import processing.opengl.*; 
    import processing.serial.*; 
    import java.util.HashMap; 
    import java.util.ArrayList; 
    public class Two_SERVO_MOUSE_CONTROL extends PApplet {
     Serial port;
     public void setup()
     port = new Serial(this, Serial.list()[0], 19200);
    public void draw()
     rect(180, 175, mouseX-180, 10);
     static public void main(String[] passedArgs) {
        String[] appletArgs = new String[] {"Two_SERVO_MOUSE_CONTROL" };
        if (passedArgs != null) {
          PApplet.main(concat(appletArgs, passedArgs));
        } else {

    i would get the same results from processing?

    also if i was to make this sketch for android will it look the same ? this particular java file ?

  • besides my questions DAM how da hell are ppl supposed to learn how to program if all of this import are hidden from the so called programmer? and little things like public and static public ? Processing is trying to keep their audience slaved to Processing only or something? and thats this little code here i have other programs with 10 to 15 tabs and i cant even imagine how much i would learn from whats being hidden, hmmmm i wonder if Arduino been doing the same thing considering that P and A are both using the same IDE style and structure the only thing being diff is the syntax and its lib's

  • Also if I was to make this sketch for Android will it look the same?

    Dunno much about Android. Its Dalvik's Java implementation lacks many Oracle's Java features.
    On the other hand, got lotsa extra things about how to control a phone's GUI and permissions.

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    Processing is trying to keep their audience slaved to Processing only or something?

    No, Processing's aim is allow artist folks to program too.
    As you can see, the real Java got some scary boilerplates and stuff.
    No wonder languages like Python are being used for introduction to programming in place of Java & C.
    But iMO Processing, be it in the form of Java, Jython or JS, etc., is even easier. O:-)

  • Another very good introduction to programming is Greenfoot:

    And Khan Academy's own Pjs version under JS syntax:

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    how can one download android mode? i dont have that in my right side top tab.

    also you did not answer my main question and reason for me posting my code.

    would i get the same results from processing if i post the code above in eclipse?

  • I don't have Eclipse. But as long as you setup all Processing's ".jar" classpaths, it should work.

  • you mean all this crap under lib after export to new folder?


    and by setup you mean i porting to the what ever java ide i will use ?

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    Yea, most of them are needed for the whole Processing framework to work.
    Processing's IDE (PDE) is already configured. When using another IDE we gotta do that ourselves.

    For Eclipse, you should look up Proclipsing:

  • thank you loop

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    There is a Tutorial on eclipse


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