possible bug with line function

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I'm having a bug with the line() function and did try to find another post of the same issues but to no prevail. After 12 seconds of the program running, one end of every line jumps to, (0,0) or top left corner. I have had this issue with "Logisim" too, but no other program. I'm hoping it's not my PC and that it's just a similar bug in both programs. I have uninstalled both and reinstalled just processing3 but no success. I'm new to forums in general and I've read the rules but if i have broken a rule in my first post, I deeply apologize.




  • update graphics driver

    show your code

    file an issue on processing / github

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    Thanks for the help and fast response. Turns out line() wasn't used at all, it was rect() being buggy. Should I change the discussion name/tags or will that make it hard to find? Drivers are up to date (monitor and graphics card) and the code is the Firmata library examples (Arduino_Input and Arduino_Input_Mega) but error also occurs when using rect() function on it's own, not really sure how to post this code as a short snippet. Am I not filing an issue on processing/github by posting to this forum? Sorry I'm new to blogs/forums. :-/

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    Yeah, Found the issue. I just added "P2D" as a 3rd argument to the size() function and the bug stopped! So, happy! :))

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    Well done!

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