Processing Running Very Slowly on Late 2013 Mac Pro

Hello Friends!

Bit of a strange question here, but I've been struggling with low frame rates in processing at my Mac Pro (late 2013) at work. The specs for my machine are as follows:

OS: 10.11.1 Processor: 2.7 GHz 12-Core Xeon E5 RAM: 32GB DDR3 GPU:: AMD FirePro D700 6GB

So, here's the question. Why would my mac pro (listed above) be struggling to maintain 30FPS on a sketch whereas my home PC (Has a i7-4790k, 16gb ram, GTX 970, Windows 10) is running pretty smoothly at (the cap of) 60? My only assumption is because the Mac Pro has a lower clock speed per processor, and maybe processing is only running on one of those threads? Even attempting to run the sketch on another iMac at work with an i7 seems to be a speed increase over the Mac Pro.

The slowdowns seem to happen/be exacerbated by the drawing of external images. For instance, using ellipse() runs at about 28-30 frames per second, whereas a .PNG file of a circle on alpha slows to about 16-18 FPS.

My hardware knowledge is very limited, so I am not really sure what could be causing the slow downs. The Mac Pro at my work is normally used for After Effects/Cinema 4D/Davinci Resolve work, and doesn't really have a problem handling those applications. I was kind of surprised to see such low performance from processing.

Is there any way to optimize my system (or my code) to better utilize the hardware on my mac pro? All advice/suggestions/explanations are greatly appreciated!

Thanks so much!

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