Resolved: Build path to export from Eclipse with multiple Java classes and the Serial library

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I found the best way to overcome the difficulty of exporting Processing code through eclipse was to do the exact opposite and instead export using Processing... hear me out.

In the question below I was concerned with extending the functionality of the Processing language by writing some extra pieces of code in pure java. I was trying to do all of this within Eclipse and then export using Eclipse.

A better way is to write your pure java in Eclipse and then when it comes to exporting, just copy your raw java into processing (drag and drop java classes into a new tab in the Processing IDE) and then export as normal. Much simpler!

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Hi everyone,

I would be very grateful if someone with a little more experience than myself could point out the trouble I'm having which I suspect is with my build path.

The issue is with exporting a Processing project from Eclipse. I am using the Proclipsing setup and have another two classes which are purely Java and I am also using the G4P contributed Processing library and the native Serial library.

The whole thing works great within Eclipse but when I export (using the Processing Export Wizard) and then run the batch file, I get the following error: 'Exception in "Animation Thread" java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: jssc.SerialNativeInterface.getSerialPortNames() .... '

This suggest to me that the buildpath is not correctly setup and the exported script can't access the serial library, jssc, and possibly many of the other libraries such as the processing core libraries.

How should I go about altering my build path so that all of the libraries are in the correct place?

Many thanks for taking your time to read through. For added info, I have attached screenshots of the Eclipse tree view for the project as well as the build path window. If there is any more information I can give then please do let me know.

Kind regards, Robin

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