Changes in code don't apply (Python)

edited April 2016 in Python Mode

I have this problem: I am editing the code in a class of my sketch but the changes are not registered by the sketch neither when I save the sketch nor when I re-run it. The only way to have the changes apply is to reload the entire sketch. Is this a new bug?

It might be related to the oscP5 library. This is the sketch:


class Listen(OscEventListener):
     def oscEvent(_, m):
        global col, msg
        col = m.arguments()
        print col
        print 'Received oscEvent:', m.addrPattern(), col, m.typetag()

def setup():
    size(400, 400)
    portR = 7407
    oscR = OscP5(this, portR)

def draw(): pass 

whenever I edit the Listen class nothing happens unless i reload the sketch


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