Nullpointer exception Array

Hello everybody, I am pretty new to processing, and just ran into the following problem

I am importing values from a json file, and when I run the following code I get a Nullponter Exception error. I googled and tried different things, but unfortunately I cannot solve the problem. I am greatful for any help, here is my code:

JSONObject json;
int max;
void setup() {

JSONArray jsonArray = loadJSONArray("january_2016.json");
JSONObject jsonObject = jsonArray.getJSONObject(0); 
JSONObject maxTemperature = json.getJSONObject("Max Temperature");
int max = maxTemperature.getInt("max");


void draw(){
//Max Temperature  
  text("Max Temperature",841/4, 594/2+100);

  ellipse(841/4, 594/2, max, max); // max
  ellipse(841/4, 594/2, max, max); //avg
  ellipse(841/4, 594/2, max, max); //min



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    It would help a lot if you had said which statement thrown the NPE. (:|
    In case it was method getInt(), we can specify a default value in case of error:

  • I don`t know what you mean with what statement. I also checked the processing references and still did not find an aswer. Any suggestions what could be the problem in my code?

  • If you were getting a NPE, you'd know what line it was on.

    On line 9 you redefine max to be a local variable. You shouldn't - this hides access to the global variable with the same name.

    Change line 9 so it starts:

    max = 
  • That was already helpful! But now I am still getting an NPE on line 8

    JSONObject maxTemperature = json.getJSONObject("Max Temperature");
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    json.getJSONObject("Max Temperature");

    Variable json was globally declared at the top of the sketch: JSONObject json;.
    However it's never got initialized. Therefore json is still null when reaching line #8:

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