drawing/painting chat

Hi Guys,

i want to make a programm for ipads in which two (or more) people can draw to the same browserwindow in realtime. painting on the same canvas on different ipads.

im into coding processing for one year now, but i havent done any chatrooms (i think it is something like that, isnt it?).

could someone explain me what i need for doing that?


  • To implement anything where two remote browsers share live data - such as drawing data - you'll need a server that communicates the changes between them. That's not something you can easily code in p5js - which is essentially a client-side library... So you'd also need to learn about some server-side coding (this can also be written in JS if you use NodeJS, or in theory you could do it in Java/Processing) and also get your hands on some hosting space that allows you to run the code and install any dependencies... Alternatively you could look for some existing libraries or online service that provides this sort of functionality with a suitable API - e.g. there seems to be one for Google Drive; but it's fairly complex stuff!

  • Did you check the processing default examples ? I am pretty sure there is such an example.

  • I don't think you need a server

    Only sync between clients

    Did you look at the libraries ?

  • This is posted on the p5js category so I was assuming the OP wanted to do this in a browser... At that point you may be able to do something client side only; but anything scalable/distributable in the real world is highly likely to need a server coordinating the connections between devices. You also have to contend with all the security restrictions browsers impose upon you that will complicate matters further...

  • thank you barbara!

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